Melbourne + MONA Museum 2017 Photograph Series 


London 2016 Photograph Series


Singapore 2015 Photograph Series


Alice Springs 2015 Photograph Series


New York 2014 Photograph Series


Bali 2013 Photograph Series


Perth Art Scene 

Contemporary gallery, installation, street, public art and photography in Perth, Western Australia photographed by NOMA*.


PIAF 2016 ‘Home’ [Various Artists / Director Nigel Jamieson]


PIAF 2015 ‘Walking with the Giants’ [Artist Royal de Luxe]


PIAF 2014 'Veles e Vents' [Artist Xarxa Theatre]


PIAF 2013 'Scattered Light' [Artist Jim Campbell]


PIAF 2012 'Place Des Anges' [Artist Les Studios de Cirque]


City of Joondalup Festival ‘Cloud’ installation by Caitlind r.c Brown + Wayne Garret