Fitzroy Street Residence | $500k | Commencing Construction

This project explores a compact residence for a downsizing retired couple on a small 275 sqm inner city block. Recently constructed surrounding houses contribute little to the streetscape, provide no usable external spacea and their upper level windows require screening to eliminate over looking.Careful examination of the surrounding built form presented a series of opportunities to challenge planning policies whilst creating no adverse impact on adjoining neighbours. Our proposal achieves a significant outdoor courtyard extending on and adapting previous versions of our 'courtyard house' typology. The upper level employs a mono pitch roof falling towards the rear of the block. Brown bricks borrowed from the surrounding context are used at lower level whilst the upper level employs white brick with corbelled patterns contributing to the streetscape. The garage, entry, balcony, canopies as well as the balcony balustrade employ black folded sheet aluminium forms building on use of this material in a number of previous products. The project is an example of achieving a high quality outcome with a level of amenity on a small inner city block.