Newport Hotel Base Build Alterations & Additions | $3M | Constructed 2022

This project peeled back a number of additions to the much loved heritage listed Newport Hotel in Fremantle exposing interesting remnants of previous use, heritage details and the raw textural materiality of the building's original fabric. A significant upgrade of the front South Terrace facade contributes to its surrounding context in the form of Fremantle‚Äôs iconic main High Street. The base build works also unlocked a series of previously under-utilised spaces by filling in the central courtyard at upper level, turning the front faux balcony into a usable space and adding a new rear entry lobby accessed off Paddy Troy Mall separating the property into two tenancies to accommodate two new bars. One accessed off South Terrace and the other accessed off Paddy Troy Mall at the rear. Night Owl are designing and constructing their Flight Club fitout which is programmed to open in 2023. Constructed by Buckingham Re-Development Company.