Swan Valley Stud Residence | $1.4M | Currently in Documentation

This residential project attempts to reconcile a series of mis-matched additions imposed over a period of time to an existing site with significant history and character. It involves a significant upgrade as well as additions to a residence previously converted from a barn on a large site in the Swan Valley. The project seeks to strengthen the character and architectural language established by the imperfect craftsmanship of the original timber barn. The project includes the addition of a alfresco entertaining structure, new main entrance to the house, two new bedrooms and an external linking colonnade. It also involves an upgrade of the existing office, pool, pool lounge, gym and sauna. The new structures are designed to maintain and compliment the prominence of the existing residence. The architectural language maintains the neutral colour palette and imperfect detailing of the existing residence in contrast with its leafy green surroundings including a meandering creek, cleared grasslands and areas of dense vegetation.