Shoreline [Stacked] Housing | $5.7M | Unbuilt Scheme

The challenge of affordable housing and public re-action to poor quality medium density outcomes requires exploration of new housing typologies. Parking commonly dictates the overall yield and organisation of medium density housing. Basement parking doesn't produce affordable outcomes whilst podium parking is a poor use of active space. Some proposals seek to reduce complex parking numbers in appropriate locations. This project explores the use of a parking stacker to produce a quality outcome whilst also maximising the sites yield which inevitably generates a level of affordability. The parking stacker is expressed in the centre of the site challenging current stigmas associated with their use. The schemes circulation creates a buffer zone between the stacker and dwellings. This proposal generates 20 apartments with a product mix accommodating a range of family types. All apartments have flexible internal layouts, high levels of natural light, generous private balconies or courtyards, climate sensitive shading of north as well as west facing openings through screens or balconies, significant soft landscaping zones and use of a north facing communal roof deck. A communal ‘work zone’ is located at ground level for shared use by residents and sustainable technologies such as solar collectors have been integrated over the parking stacker and roof deck.