Henley Square Green Beacon Landscape | Competition

Henley Beach is a significant point along a line separating a built landscape from its vast ocean environment. A continuous horizon by day and row of lights by night. This proposal seeks to establish a beacon along this line pin-pointing Henley Beach as a creative public hub. A place encouraging community interaction. Henley Beach has a rich cultural heritage set amongst a scenic natural environment, however its architectural presence has been eroded over time, now lacking a sense of focus, legibility and usability. A series of directional markers and focal points [green beacons] encourage movement towards the square which is surrounded by reconfigured alfresco space providing an active edge. A simple series of steel frames offer a range of functional possibilities open to the community’s creative imagination whilst the living beacons, reminiscent of coastal grasses, provide areas of shade and potential meeting points for the community. The growth of foliage on these structures becomes a metaphor for the growth of the community. A floating canopy of lights creates a sense of enclosure as well as a playful tapestry of dappled light and shade on the surface of the open landscape. This is a space designed to engage locals as well as visitors alike and redefine Henley Square to its previous glory as a creative public hub.