Angove Street Off-cut Parklet | $12k | Constructed 2016

Shortlisted in the AIA WA Architecture Awards Sustainability Category 2017

Located on Angove Street, North Perth infront of Future Shelter this project was commissioned as part of the City of Vincent's Parklet program. This initiative investigates transferring the responsibility for the maintenance of public space to adjacent businesses in exchange for greater control over its use. The program reclaims parking bays along town centre streets for use as micro public spaces. Our Parklet used a large volume of timber off-cuts generated from a larger project we were working on at the time, that being the Sorrento Quay Boardwalk Performance Deck. One large public space therefore contributed to the formation of another smaller public space allowing us to embed a layering of meaning within the project. The salvaged timber off-cuts would otherwise have been placed into landfill but have significant re-usable value. The offcuts were arranged in a sculptural stacked form reflecting their condition when first viewed on the Performance Deck construction site. Folded aluminium planters containing native plants are also arranged throughout the Parklet to establish a usable functional space which also makes a sculptural contribution to the streetscape. Constructed by Buckingham Re-Development Company.