LCD Character + Shared Spaces Design Guide | Local Community Advocacy

Some developers consistently achieve quality outcomes meaningfully contributing to local communities whilst others employ a ‘get in get out’ profit driven approach. Taking a long term view this is unlikely to establish a sustainable business model and leaves lasting negative impacts on communities. Many have a desire to contribute but simply don’t know how. Achieving quality outcomes requires a desire to do so, the required in-house expertise, a deep understanding of the local context and investment in quality designers. Whilst developers have a responsibility, local communities can be more proactive. Gaining an understanding of a particular area’s unique character as well as opportunities to benefit broad sections of the local community is difficult. Existing one off community engagement processes, undertaken within a short period of time, are often ineffectual.

Leederville Connect DESIGN (LCD) is a community group possessing have a high level of ‘local knowledge’ as well as expertise in a diverse range of professional fields. Simon has contributed to LCD over the past few years and recently worked with David Galloway, Munira Mackay and the wider LCD group to produce a Leederville Character + Shared Spaces Design Guide. This open source document assists developers in understanding Leederville’s rich history and character as well as defining the built form streetscape interface conditions which will meaningfully contribute to the local community.