Ocean Beach Hotel Interior | $2M | Unbuilt Scheme

This proposal for an iconic pub located on Marine Parade, Cottesloe involved an upgrade of the exterior facades as well as an interior upgrade of the lower and upper bars. The scheme establishes a relaxed casual feel whilst also complementing the character of the existing Art Deco building using a natural textural materials palette incorporating timber, raw concrete, concrete blocks and green planting. The interior focuses on maximising panoramic views of the ocean. Custom built furniture incorporating tables, bench seats, planter boxes as well as vine screening are used to break up a large interior into a series of intimate pockets for big or small groups. The upper bar 'sky deck' includes an operable louvre roof as well as large top hinged folding windows establishing a strong connection to the outdoor environment and the proposal also opens up the existing blocked off atrium drawing increased natural light into the centre of the space.